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In-Car Instruction

6-Hours Personalized Beginner Mini-Course  $350

Beginner Defensive Driving "one on one" Training Course

("GREAT VALUE"!) This 6 hour Personalized one on one BTW (6 hours of Drive Time) STATE APPROVED program is suitable for foundation building with novice drivers.  Our comprehensive "one on one" personalized behind the wheel training approach provides an ideal introduction to defensive driver education. This course may qualify for an insurance discount where available, when paired with an approved classroom course after student obtains their driver's license.

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12-Hour Beginner to Advanced Course  $675

("BETTER VALUE"!) The 12 hour Personalized one on one BTW (12 hours of Drive Time) intermediate program takes defensive driving to the next level. It provides additional "one on one" INDIVIDUALIZED" Professional driver training. This enables the student to experience complex parking assignments, high speed freeway driving as well as downtown traffic situations. Drive time qualifies for State required graduated licensing behind the wheel hours.

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18-Hour Intermediate to Advanced Course  $950

(SAVE $130.00!!) 18 hours of one on one BTW ADVANCED Defensive Driver Training for new drivers of ALL AGES. Great for students who have parents, friends or spouses with limited time or patience teaching skills involving heavy traffic and freeway driving. Used to reinforce advanced planning and hazard recognition abilities. Pair with our Crash Avoidance Program for maximum results.

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Private Lessons (One Hour)  $75

This gives you the opportunity to add more private behind the wheel instruction or have the ability to refresh on driving techniques without the extended classroom packages. In one hour of personal time we can fulfill all your driving needs.

For addtional training options, please call:  719-648-6222

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